Music is art. No standard, no bullshit. We care about music. We care about originality.

Music is the emotional connector in every media. It creates feelings, it creates bonds, it creates identity. When we start composing music we are diving into a new and exciting world. We will try to fill this world with life and emotions so that the listener can connect to it and fully immerse himself.

Whatever we do. We try to be original. To achieve this goal we spent hours on finding the right tone and picking the right instruments to create a unique style which supports the individual character of your game, film or product.

Form tiny handcrafted music to full orchestra.


Your product is special. It should have a special and unique track to promote it. Uniqueness is what we can deliver.

adaptive music for games

Games have very specific needs for music. It needs to reacted to the players actions, decicions and feelings.To achieve that we work with special compositional techniques to make the music magically follow whatever the player is doing. We either use middleware to do that or we compose it in a way that it works directly in your game engine.


Your film tells a story and you need another storyteller to help you out or bring in another layer? Get unique music far from the things that you usually hear.


If you have to tell everything about your game, film or product in the best and shortest way. Elevator pitch it to your audience with the finest music.