sound design of Lonely Mountains
Lonely Mountains: Downhill
December 13, 2018
hell pie - sound integration with FMOD
Hell Pie
August 19, 2019
A Game about a Flame is an emotional 3D sidescroller adventure, in which you take the role of a little girl in a world full of Darkness. She is the only one who still has a spark of hope within her. The only thing that can protect you from the Darkness is the Flame. It is not just a shield from the Darkness, but also the hope you have left within yourself. Every experience you make, good or bad, can strengthen or weaken your Flame. With the help of your Flame, you are the only one to give back hope to those around you and fight the Darkness!

This beautiful atmospheric piece of art is in production right now.
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what we did

music, sound design and sound integration with FMOD